Learn How To Claim Free Aeron and CryptoBonusMiles Tokens

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Learn How To Claim Free Aeron 

and CryptoBonusMiles Tokens?


With the assistance of blockchain technology, Aeron will exclude the likelihood of failure, misuse or forgery of critical log data, thereby dramatically reducing the risk of fatal accidents. CryptoBonusMiles is an Aeron-powered Airline rewards program that offers excellent benefits such as free checked bags, free hotel stays or airport lounge access while making it easier to rack up points or miles and save money on flights.

Steps To Claim Free ARN and CBM Tokens?

  1. Click to complete tasks: Airdrops Giveaway
  2. Download CryptoBonusMiles Airlines Loyalty Multi-wallet Application.
  3. Follow Aeron on Twitter.
  4. Follow the Instagram page.
  5. Follow the Reddit page.
  6. Retweet Aeron's tweet.
  7. Join the Telegram channel.
  8. Join the Medium page.
  9. Get up to 18  entries when you complete all tasks.
  10. Get an additional 3 entries for each referral.

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