Markethive-The Free Inbound Marketing System

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Markethive-The Free Inbound Marketing System
Markethive-The Free Inbound Marketing System


The Free Inbound Marketing System

If you've tried to start a business online you know you can pay out hundreds and thousands of dollars a month for lead generation tools such as email auto-responder, landing pages, funnel sales...Today, we will introduce this new social network for entrepreneurs that provide you all the tools you need to generate leads and market to them called MarketHive.


MarketHive is an entrepreneurial social marketing platform with the combined strength of LinkedIn, Amazon, Facebook and Marketo. It delivers a complete ecosystem all built within the blockchain.

ecosystem for entrepreneurs

MarketHive Review

The website domain registred on 2012-08-03

markethive's domain

The CEO called Thomas Prendergast from Palomar Mountain, California you can find his profile on Linkedin. He was already involved in other projects such as Ibotoolbox (social media platform).

markethive's ceo "Thomas Prendergast"

MarketHive has over 7,969 likes on facebook's page,  978 followers on Linkedin's page, 18.8K followers on Twitter's page.

markethive's social media

You can join today for free and discover MarketHive's features to start growing your business:

ecosystem for entrepreneurs

Steps To Start Marketing On Markethive

1 Sign up on MarketHive

Once you sign up with your Gmail or Yahoo account. You have to complete your information and create your account after just verify your phone number.

Complete your information

Enter your phone number
Enter confirmation code


2 Start your first post in your feed

Post your first message (you can also upload image, videos ..)

3 Connect and comment in member's posts

Comment on post

Connect to member

4 Start writing articles by using the blog

Write articles

5 Join groups and start promoting your offer

Join group

6 Create your own group

Create your own group

7 Email marketing
You can use this feature to send an email broadcast and sequences.

Email marketing

8 Receive Markethive coin (MHV) for free 

When you complete your registration. MarketHive offers you 500 MHV for free. The actual price
1 MHV = 0.1839$

Actual price on 04/02/2020
Get 500 MHVs for free

ecosystem for entrepreneurs

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