Learn How To Claim Free Boostchain Airdrops

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Learn How To Claim Free Boostchain Airdrops?

What's Boostchain

Boostchain is a blockchain-powered advertising platform that rewards the viewers for their attention.With the Boostchain app you get to control the kind of ads you receive. Set and forget your preferences, or, change them as and when your interest changes. Say goodbye to irrelevant and annoying ads.

Steps To Claim Free Boostchain Tokens

  1. Sign up on boostchain page.
  2. Receive additional 1250 BTSKN with this Referral code : 5e6fa0850f895a2c8d128467
  3. Verify your email by clicking on the confirmation link. (check also your spam folder)
  4. You will receive 2500 BTSKN ($10) tokens.
  5. Get Additional $5 worth BSTKN for each referral.

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