Brave vs Chrome - Which one is the best choice?

Brave Browser vs Chrome Browser
Which One Is The Best Choice?

Brave browser vs Chrome browser

Today, Google's Chrome browser still holds 65 to 70 percent of market share, but this seems to shift rapidly. But we've found the presence of a new browser built on etherium blockchain called 
Brave which can be a nice alternative to Chrome.

What's Brave ?

Brave is a free, open-source web browser created by Brave Software, Inc. based on the Web browser Chromium. It blocks advertisements and website trackers, and provides a way for users to submit cryptocurrency donations to websites and content creators in the form of Basic Attention Tokens. The first version of Brave released on 20 January 2016.

Who's The Ceo ?


The Ceo of Brave Software called Brendan Eich, Creator of JavaScript 
programming language and served as Chief Executive Officer of Mozilla Corporation. You can check's linkedin profile : Click here

What about community ?

Brave has over 22.6K members on Reddit, over 109K Followers on Twitter and 43,269 Follwers on Facebook.

Brave browser community
Brave's community

Brave browser vs Chrome browser

Is Brave a good alternative to Chrome?

     Speed Test: 

Brave is faster than chrome if we compare page load speed when you're surfing.

Brave up to 3* faster than chrome
Brave up to 3* faster than chrome

     Memory usage :

   Brave doesn't need big memory if we camp it in chrome, it saves you from 33% to 66%.

Brave vs Chrome
Task manager memory Brave vs Chrome

Brave's memory saving
Brave's memory saving 

     Security :

Brave's built-in ad blocking that prevents fingerprinting attempts, malicious extensions and scripts from loading so that you don't need any third-party add-ons like Chrome to deprive further protection when browsing any website.

Barve's security layer
Barve's security layer

     Advertisement :

Brave allows you to disable ads showing, no more pre-roll advertising before videos, when you're surfing.
Disable ads from settings

     Reward :

Brave offer you reward by viewing Brave Ads.You can earn tokens "Basic Attention Token" that can be shared between publishers, marketers and consumers. BAT is based on etherium blockchain.

Brave's BAT reward
Brave's BAT reward

We hope that you enjoy our article. You can download it from here if you want to check this browser, then try it and leave a message. If you are using it now, just leave your feedback and tell us your experience.

Download Brave browser

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