Learn How To Claim Free Experty Airdrops ?

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Learn How To Claim Free Experty Airdrops 

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Learn How To Claim Free Experty Airdrops?


Experty's the first Ethereum driven voice and video application that allows users to monetize their time, skills and global expertise. The Ethereum blockchain allows automatic client-to-contractor payments based on the predetermined rate and the length of the conversation.

Follow These Steps To Claim Your Free Experty Airdrops :

1 Go to Experty Airdrop Page. 

Put your email and verify the captcha.
Fill your email and pass the captcha

Check your inbox and confirm your email.
Confirm your email

Fill your Ethereum adress.
Fill your Ethereum adress
Copy text.

Copy Text

 Copy image with the text and post them on a facebook or telegram group related to crypto niche.

Copy image and post it in a group

 Paste the facebook or telegram group in which you post the ads.

Paste the link of the group
 Take a screenshot of your post and upload it.

Upload the proof
 Submit your application.

Submit your application

10  You'll get an e-mail confirming your application .


Note : Experty distributes 50,000 EXY tokens 
for all airdrop participants. The distrubtion will take place on June 08, 2020.

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