Learn How To Use Adbtcs To Get Traffic And Earn Bitcoin ?

Learn How To Use Adbtcs To Get Traffic And Earn Bitcoin
Learn How To Use Adbtcs To Get Traffic And Earn Bitcoin

Learn How To Use Adbtcs To Get Traffic And Earn Bitcoin ?

What's Adbtcs

Adbtcs is an Online advertising website that provides Free Traffic by exchange with other members.
You can surf and get some satoshi, and it gives you a revenue sharing and affiliate program to raise your earnings.

Surf and earn traffic

Adbtcs's website

The website domain registred on 7 March, 2020

Adbtcs's website
Adbtcs's website

Adbtcs's Traffic

If we examine the traffic on March 2020, The website has over 230 000 Visits. On May 2020, Adbtcs has over 250 000 Visits.

Adbtcs's Traffic
Adbtcs's Visit

The majority of visitors come from Poland at 14.85% , Philippine at 8.28% and Indonesia at 7.16%

Adbtcs's Visitors
Adbtcs's Visitors

Adbtcs's Statistics

From the website's statistics, Adbtcs has over 7,514 members, 3,700,934 impressions, 933,148 Visits Delivered and 0.80665126 BTC Members Earned All Time.

Adbtcs's statistics
Adbtcs's statistics

How to start with Adbtcs ?

Join Adbtcs for free

1 Go to Adbtcs's page and Click the Register button on the top right

Adbtcs's registration
Adbtcs's register button

Complete your details : You will receive 100 FREE Credits
Note : You have to use your gmail account in Email Address field.
Website form
Complete your details
Check your inbox and confirm your email.

Adbtcs's confirmation email
Confirm your email

Configure your BTC address where the payment will be issued.

Adbtcs configure adress BTC
Tap the icon in the top right corner to switch to Settings
BTC Updates
Paste Your Address BTC and Click "Update"
Adbtcs's Confirm Data Charges
Check the inbox and confirm the update

Configure your link to get traffic.

Adbtc's Add website
Click "My website" in left menu after click on "Add website"

adbtcs add your website
Put your link and click on "TEST LOAD"

adbtcs confirm your website
Wait 13 seconds before you confirm your website
Save website
Put a title and click "SAVE"
adbtcs link pending
Your link will be marked as pending

6 If the admin (it can take up to 24 hours) approves your website, you may add credits to your link.

Link approved by the admin
Link approved by the admin

Add your 100 FREE credits
Add your 100 FREE credits

How to bring more traffic to your website with Adbtcs ?

Adbtcs provides a network of traffic exchanges. You need to browse the websites of other members to gain credits, and then use them to increase your traffic.

Steps to surf Adbtcs and earn credits  

Adbtcs surf and earn
Click Dashbord on left menu after click "Earn Chance to WIN Now!"

picture in the top right menu
Choose the identical picture in the top right menu

Wait 15 seconds
0.25 credits just click
You will receive 0.25 credits just click "Next Ad"

How to boost your earnings with 
Adbtcs ?

1 Besides the credits you receive from browsing the website of memebers, Adbtcs gives you a  reward from 0.00000010 BTC up to 0.01 BTC.

Earn reward from surfing
Earn reward from surfing

You can claim a reward from 0.00000020 BTC up to 0.02 BTC per 1 hour from faucet.

Claim your FREE BTC from faucet
Claim your FREE BTC from faucet

Click "Roll" and wait for the reward
Click "Roll" and wait for the reward

As a free member, buy adpacks and earn daily interest until the pack reaches 115 per cent.
Note : Pricing: 1 AdPack = 0.0001 BTC, for every Adpack Purchase, you will receive 100 credits.

"Purchase Adpacks"
Go to "dashboard" and click on "Purchase Adpacks"
adbtcs purchase adpack
Click on "DEPOSIT"
adbtcs make a deposit
Put the amount that you want to deposit and click on "PAYMENT"
Main Balance
Copy the BTC address and proceed to your wallet to transfer the exact amount

After 2 confirmations in the bitcoin network, your deposit will show up on your Main Balance.
Main Balance
Main Balance

Click on "Purchase Adpacks" from your dashboard

Click On Payment
Put the amount of adpack, Choose main Balance and click on "PAYMENT"
verify your AdPacks
Check your dashboard to verify your AdPacks

Note : 
* The regular interest is not set, but it's estimated between 1% and 5%.
* As a FREE member , you must visit at least 10 websites a day in order to gain your daily profit from adpacks.

What's the benefit when upgrading to Adbtcs ?

When you upgrade as a PRO and VIP, you'll gain more profit from adpacks 120 percent as a Pro and 130 percent as a VIP, more traffic 1500 credits per month as a PRO and 3000 credits as a VIP, Commission up to 20 percent as a Pro and up to 30 percent as a VIP

Note : You can get FREE referrals after upgrading as a VIP.

earn more profit on adbtcs when you upgrade
Upgrading to Adbtcs

Thank you for reading this article, We hope this website will help you increase traffic to your link and at the same time earn some BTCs. If you're already a member, just leave your feedback and tell us about your experience.

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