UniWorld Airdrop-Learn How To Claim Free UNW Tokens

What's UniWorld

UniWorld is a highly scalable blockchain network. Advantage of state-of-the-art technology with capability dealing with millions of transactions per second without Compromise of decentralization and stability. This is an ecosystem that involves goods and services such as UniBot, UniMe, UniChain, Mia and other applications that put technology closer to humans in order to create a modern smart Society 5.0.

UniWorld's Website

The domain of the website registered on 19 June, 2020. UniWorld.io has been online for one year and one month when we created this post.

Uniworld.io 's website

UniWorld's community

UniWorld has more than 19K followers on Facebook, 7,250 followers on Twitter, 7,2 K subscribers on YouTube, and 12,706 members on Telegram.

Uniworld.io's community

UniWorld's funders

Uniworld was created by Daika Ginza Founder, Chief Executive Officer from Japan. The CEO has a linkedin profile you can have a look from here. Ben Nguyen is the Co-Funder from Vietnam.

Uniworld's CEO

Uniworld airdrop

Uniworld airdrop

Uniworld will offer all participants 80 UNW tokens. The transfer will take place directly on your wallet on September. To claim your free UNW coins follow these steps :

1Go to Uniworld telegram bot

Uniworld airdrop telegram bot

2To verify you are not a bot, click on the link and complete the captcha.
Uniworld airdrop complete captcha

3Read carefully the rules and then click on "I fully understand and accept". 

uniworld airdrop rules

4Join the Uniwold's Telegram Group and Channel. You will receive 5 UNW tokens.

Uniwold telegram

5Click here and create an account. You will receive an email with the subject "Uniworld Verification" containing the confirmation number. Enter this number in the registration form to activate your account. In the telegram bot you must send your email.

Uniworld airdrop confirmation email

6Create your uniworld wallet after signing in to the website, and follow the steps. Don't forget to download and save Wallet Store in a secure location, and never share this information with anyone to prevent any access to your account.In the telegram bot you have to send your UNW address.Once you complete steps 5 and 6, you will obtain 10 additional UNW.

Uniworld airdrop unw adress

7Follow Uniworld's Twitter profile and retweet a post. You will receive 10 UNW.
8Subscribe to Uniworld's Youtube channel and get an additional 25 UNW.
9When you complete KYC verification you will get an extra 15 UNW.

Uiniworld airdrop kyc verification

10 Download the android application and receive 30 UNW.
11Earn additional 5 UNW for each downline that join under your link.

Uniworld airdrop referral link

Thank you for reading our article. I hope that gives you some idea of Uniworld and its airdrop. We appreciate it if you leave feedback on our website.

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