Top 6 Best Crypto Trading Bot

Best crypto Trading bot

What is a crypto trading bot?

Generally, a bot can be defined as software that performs a repetitive task on online platforms. Suchlike, a crypto trading bot is software that uses an application programming interface (API) to connect with the user account.

On behalf of the user, it buys and sells cryptocurrencies at the proper time to gain maximum profit. At a time, it can watch different market conditions and look for the opportunity. At the right time, it capitalizes on them to earn maximum profit.

The 6 best crypto trading bot



3commas is one of the best crypto trading bots that helps a new trader to minimize his trading risk. It accesses different types of tools to improve the overall trading experience of a trader. By using this crypto trading software bot, a trader sets a predetermined trading parameter. 

Based on those parameters 3commas bot executes its trades. The main key features of this crypto trading software bot is functionality, technology, range of tools, exchange integration, and customer support. The pricing of 3commas is starting from $14.5-$49.5 per month. Click to try out 3commas



Cryotohopper is a cloud-based trading bot that helps a trader to implement the strategy. The trader can ask for expert help to minimize the loss and maximize the profit. This platform offers some strategy templates to make the trade easier for the trader. 

The most important part of this platform is, it allows a risk-free strategy for the traders. Some common features of this platform are strategy designer, copy trading, shorting, automatic trading, simulated trading, trailing stop-loss. The pricing of the cryptohopper is $19-$99 per month. 

They offer a free package for new users. Click to try out cryptohopper



Shrimpy is also a cloud-based trading bot like others. It emphasizes long-term strategy automation, portfolio tracking, and copying the top crypto traders. This feature differs from other trading bots. The concept of social portfolio management is defined by shrimpy. 

This feature helps the new traders in balancing their profit and loss. The pricing of shrimpy is starting from $13 per month. For testing, you can start with their free program. The portfolio management feature you can’t access in the free program. Click to try out shrimpy 


For a newbie, tradescantia can be a good option as the best crypto trading bot. This cloud-based crypto software helps you to automate cryptocurrency trading strategies and to make trading accessible to anyone. 

Once you set your bot according to strategy or proper signals, it is ready to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. The features of this platform include grid and DCA, extra orders, long and short strategies, technical indicators, stop loss. Tradescantia offers its package from$14-$30 per month. Click to try out Tradescantia

By using bitles traders can earn and multiply their crypto in a fully automated mode. It lets you hold your crypto and receive BTL tokens with a profit of 30% per month. It offers its users access to the trading system via its proprietary savings plans. 

By activating any of their savings plans, users can enjoy daily profits ranging from 0.45% to 2.5% depending on the savings plan they choose. It can be a good system for a newbie trader. Check this review about bitles



Unlike other platforms of the trading bot, haasbot is a little bit difficult for newbies. Its server must be downloaded and installed on the user’s computer. Installing takes some time. It is a powerful cryptocurrency trading platform for traders. 

Although the software is designed for Windows, it works on the MAC Os and Linux. The pricing of haasbot is based on bitcoin. It offers 0.026 bitcoin-0.075 bitcoin for 12 months. You can select a 3 or 6-month program if you want. Click to try out haasbot

Is crypto trading bot profitable?

Crypto trading bot is profitable because of some advantages.  For instance, you can save time, find new opportunities, take the emotion out of trading, etc. The most valuable part of a crypto trading bot is, it minimizes your cost and brings efficiency and effectiveness to trading. Why not crypto trading! If you are getting such kind of advantages. Right!

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we can say crypto trading bot is making your trading profitable. It does not matter whether you are a newbie or a pro in trading. It helps you to understand the most accurate strategy and to do the trade automatically according to your selected strategy. So, you can buy one from the best crypto trading bot discussed above.


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